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Happy New Year!


New Frontiers in Leadership Computing, part two of the CiSE Special Issue on Leadership Computing, is out and features four more boundary-pushing examples of research at the high-end of scientific computing: a scalable solver for aerospace industry work, a novel method to model geological flow and transport processes, recent modeling advances in the domain of accelerator science, and a look at optimizations made to two features of a laser-plasma interaction code that enable scaling to a million or more processes.

Guest editing this special issue has been especially gratifying and was made possible by the enthusiasm and support of several individuals, including CiSE Editor-in-Chief George Thiruvathukal, who championed this topic from the start. I’m pleased to announce that Jim Hack and I will continue serving in this capacity in 2015. We will use our column space to explore topics such as training the new generation of HPC users and what’s going to be inside the next-generation of DOE leadership machines. I’m excited to be part of this editorial team and look forward to the coming year.