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Ying Li, ALCF’s first Margaret Butler Postdoctoral Fellow

YingLiUniversity of Southern California doctoral student Ying Li will join ALCF this fall as the 2014 Margaret Butler Postdoctoral Fellow. Li is the first recipient of the ALCF fellowship that was announced during the spring 2013 Celebration of Thirty Years of Parallel Computing at Argonne, to commemorate a pioneering woman and scientist who programmed the first digital computers at Argonne in the 1950s, helped design subsequent ones, and contributed to simulations of nuclear power reactors.

Li, who graduates this summer with a doctorate in materials science and a master’s degree in computer science, belongs to the new generation of computational scientists. As a member of prominent computational materials science research team led by USC professor Priya Vashishta, Li has already worked on massively parallel computers, including Argonne’s Mira, in several investigations involving reactive force-field molecular dynamics simulations of upwards of one million atoms. To learn more about Ying Li, see ALCF’s recent feature.

How to write a successful INCITE proposal


On April 22 and May 15, the INCITE program will host short webinars for anyone who’s interested in applying for 2015 INCITE time on Titan, the 27-petaflops Cray XK7 at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, or on Mira, the 10-petaflops IBM Blue Gene/Q at Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.

The Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program, now in its tenth year, provides huge core-hour allocations on these two DOE production systems, at no cost to the researcher, to pursue breakthroughs in science and engineering.

During the sessions, INCITE Program Manager Julia White and LCF center representatives will provide tips for submitting a successful INCITE proposal, help you gauge your project’s readiness, describe the review process, and answer your questions. Registration is open.

INCITE 2015 call for proposals opens April 16 and closes June 27, 2014.